Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Hail King Rafael!

After watching the best all around tennis match in my life, I am just beyond thrilled that i saw history in the making. Roger and Rafael gave us the ultimate and I stuck with it the entire Sunday through both rain delays and it being the longest match in Wimbledon history. On Saturday I have my all american final and on Sunday it went from breakfast at Wimbledon to dinner at Wimbledon literally. From Roger coming back from two sets down to both men having their break chances until Rafeal finally capitalized on his, it was a beautiful display of two champions who in the end showed great class and respect for each other. It was heartbreaking seeing Roger's tears and pain of not winning six straight to break the tie between him and Bjorn Borg to seeing Rafeal's tears of joy and elation and having his own history of winning the French and Wimbledon that hadn't been done since 1980 by Borg. My hope is that this rivalry continues for at least another five to six years down the road, this is what men's tennis has needed and hasn't had since the Agassi and Sampres era.

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